Monday, 12 April 2010

Bumpits review (light brown)

At the weekend I picked up some 'Bumpits.' I have heard they are good for Hime Gyaru and Lolita styles so I thought I'd try them.
They come in a pretty striped box, in packs of 3 (small, medium and large) with a complimentary comb for backcombing. When I first inserted the Bumpit into my hair, I was impressed with how much volume I got as soon as I put it in. It stays in your hair with grip - teeth things so it shouldn't fall out if you were to tilt your head back. To cover up the teeth, you have to backcomb your hair at the crown of your head and then hairspray to keep everything in place. I find using kirby grips at the back and sides of my hair work well for keeping my hair up properly. It also came with a 'style guide' with a few ideas on cute ways to use Bumpits to create adorable hairstyles.
Overall, I think Bumpits are great if you want that 'bouffanted' look without so much harsh backcombing, for casual and formal occasions ♥